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Getting Started

Everything you need to know to help you get your Zigaflow account up and running

8 articles
Xero Integration

Learn everything about the integration between Xero and Zigaflow

4 articles
User Management

Discover how to manage your team's access to Zigaflow

5 articles
Quotations Module

Helpful information to help you get more out of using the quotations module

17 articles
Email Integration

Everything you need to know about connecting your email accounts to Zigaflow

5 articles
Accounting Settings

Learn everything you need to know about settings relevant to accounting

3 articles
Importing Data

Learn how to use our Import Center to add or update data in your account

3 articles
Stock / Inventory

Learn how to use the stock features in Zigaflow

6 articles
Report Center

Make the most of our powerful reporting to better understand how your business is performing

3 articles
Items - Managing

Learn what you can do with Items and how to manage them

14 articles

Everything you need to know about using our no-code automation builder

5 articles
Document Templates

Everything you need to know about using our document templates

4 articles
Managing Your Profile

Learn how to manage your own user profile

2 articles
Task Management

Managing the work you do at a granular level is simple with Zigaflow

2 articles
Purchase Orders

Managing Purchase Orders and your supplier interactions

6 articles
Job/Sales Order

Manage Jobs/ Customer Orders, linked to PO's, Delivery Notes, Invoices and more

5 articles
Invoices & Credit Notes

Create Standard and Pro Forma invoices, as well as Credit Notes, and push to Xero or QuickBooks

3 articles

Not only for e-signatures, but a great way to collect photos and other information from customers, suppliers and internal teams

6 articles

How to get and monitor feedback from your customers

1 article
RFQs (Request for Quotation/Proposal)

How to manage making requests for prices from supplier and make sure they are not forgotten

2 articles
Client Assets List

Know what items customers have, when they are due to be serviced and what work you've done on them

2 articles
Customer Returns

Manage and track the return of items from your customers back into your inventory

2 articles
Custom Fields

Fields that you can add to the system to make it hold your data better

5 articles

Connect to multiple Shopify accounts - synchronize Inventory and Items and process orders automatically

2 articles
Delivery/Dispatch Notes

Provide documents for delivery, and optionally book out stock

1 article
Stripe Credit Card Payments

Make it easier for your customers to pay

4 articles

How to manage leads with automations and reminders

1 article
Customers/Companies & Contacts

How to manage, track and report on your customers

1 article

Managing Items/SKUs based on a common 'Base' variant

6 articles

How set up and use Zigaflow's extensive API functionality

1 article