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Create a Customer Return
Create a Customer Return
Updated over a week ago

Always create the return from the Job/Sales Order for the best tracing. However, if you do not have one, as it was not processed initially in Zigaflow, use this method.

1. Click "Go To"

2. Click "Customer Returns"

3. Click "New"

4. Select the customer

5. To return an item that is in their client asset list (it must have a serial number), click "Add Client Assets"

6. Click "Add" on the desired item

7. Click "ร—"

8. For items that do not have a serial number, click "Add Items"

9. Enter the quantity

10. Click "Add"

11. Click "ร—"

12. To quickly set the return location, click "Apply"

13. Click "Stock Location"

14. Select the location

15. Click "Apply Stock Location"

16. Set the status to " Received".

This books all the items into the inventory/stock

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