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Creating a Customer Return from a Job/Sales Order
Creating a Customer Return from a Job/Sales Order

Return items from a customer back into inventory/stock

Updated over a week ago

If you have already invoiced the customer, create a credit note from that to refund them. If that hasn't happened, create the invoice from the Job/Sales Order, excluding the returned items.

1. Find the Job/Sales Order to base the return on.

Click "Multi-Select"

2. Select the items to return.

If you select Reference (serial number) items, they will be removed from the client asset list. Non-reference items are not stored in the client asset list.

3. Click "Create Customer Return"

4. Set the inventory location return the item(s) to

5. You can add items that were not on the Job/Sales Order by clicking "Add Items" for non-reference items, and "Add Client Assets" for ones with serial numbers

6. Click "Add"

7. Click "ร—"

8. Set the return location

9. Change the status to "Received" to book the items in the inventory

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