Create and Send RFQ's

How to request prices using Zigaflow

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1. On the Quotation, Job/Sales Order, or Purchase Order you want to get prices for, and click "Multi-Select"

2. Select the items to request prices for

3. Click on "Create RFQ"

4. Select the supplier(s) to request prices from

5. Click "Add to All"

6. Set the suppliers for individual items (you can do this instead of using the "Add to All"). Set to "Ignore" any items prices are not required for

7. Click here.

8. Select the pre-build

9. One or more RFQ's will be created. Open each one

10. Click "Preview PDF & Email"

11. Click "Email"

12. Check you have an email address selected in the "To" box

13. Click "Send Email"

14. Click "Back"

15. The RFQ will automatically be moved to the "Sent" status

16. The supplier will see this page if they click on the link in the email (see the article on Setting up RFQs)

17. The supplier can enter their name and a note and optionally upload a file.

Some suppliers will put their prices in the notes, and others will upload their quotation file.

18. The supplier will click "Submit Prices"

19. The RFQ status will automatically move to "Received". (You can trigger an email to your team when this happens using an automated message on the pre-build.)

20. Click on "Attachments" to see any file that has been uploaded

21. This will be in the "Internal Files" section

22. On the RFQ, you can enter the price against each item, but this is an optional step. It is usually done when you want to track prices from suppliers over time.

23. Click on the tick to complete the edit

24. Go back to the quotation

25. If you have added the prices to the RFQ(s), you can pull them through to the item on the quote.
Click on the item's menu

26. Click "Apply Values from Linked RFQ Item"

27. Choose the supplier and price you want to use

28. The supplier and price are pulled through onto that item in the quotation

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