Setting up RFQs

How to set up the statuses, pre-builds and email chasers

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RFQs allow you to request prices from suppliers in a set process, ensuring that everyone in your business knows what is happening. Another benefit of this module is that it can automatically follow up on a quotation request to a supplier—setting this up is also covered in this article.

1. Click here.

2. Click "Workflows"

3. Click "RFQs"

4. Click "Edit"

5. Make sure "Received" and "Declined" are shown

6. Click "Save Changes"

7. Click "Email Templates"

8. Click "RFQs"

9. Edit the default template or create another

10. Click "-Send price and lead times, or decline."

11. Click "online here."

12. Click here.

13. Make sure the hyperlink to the supplier's page is present, and if not, add it

14. Type in {ReviewLink} and then click on the tick

15. Click "Save & Preview"

16. Click "Close"

17. Click "×"

18. Click "Prebuilds"

19. Click "RFQs"

20. Click "New Pre-Build" or edit an existing one

21. Enter the name here if it is a new pre-build

22. Click "Automated Messages"

23. Click "New Automated Message"

24. Click "Blank"

25. Give the automated message a name - this is to the chase a price from the supplier

26. Click this field.

27. Set how many days after the status is changed to "Sent" this will be triggered

28. Messages can be resent regularly until the status of the RFQ is moved off the trigger status (in this case, "Sent").

Click the "Recurs" field to activate this

29. Enter the time between each re-send

30. Fill in the following fields:

31. Use this button to find any variables you need to add to the email

32. Make sure that the supplier's online page is included

33. Add the hyperlink {ReviewLink} and tick to complete

34. Click here.

35. Check the email renders correctly and then click "×"

36. Click "×"

37. Click "Choose Templates"

38. Click here.

39. Make sure a document template is selected

40. Set the email template to use on this pre-build

41. For example:

42. Click on the back button

43. You are now set up to create an RFQ

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